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This web page is dedicated to showing photos about the local trails taken by trail users. The photos can be of wildlife, other trail users, plants, the Mighty MO, etc. Be creative. And remember, they must have a connection to the trails here in Siouxland.

There are a few stipulations however. All photos submitted should be in the .JPG format, greater than 800x600 resolution, and at least 120 dpi. Please include a brief description of the photo and send it to webmaster@siouxlandtrails.org. If you also include your name, credit will be given to you for the submission. One more thing you should be aware of, the photos you send in could be edited for content.

Bike mural on Perry Creek Trail
Crossing the Big Sioux River Nebraska Trails Conference ride!
Submitted by David Hoffman Submitted by David Hoffman



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