Iowa Park & Recreation  Directors Recognize Siouxland Trails Foundation
as the Lay Volunteer Organization of the Year for the State of Iowa - for the second time, Siouxland Trails Foundation has received statewide recognition for its efforts from the Iowa Park and Rec Directors Association. Thank you, Terry Hoffman, Sioux City Parks and Rec Director, for nominating us. This is indeed a humbling honor that is shared by the riders and other donors who have funded STF as well as the board and many other volunteers who believe in our mission of improving trail opportunities in the Siouxland area. Thanks to everyone.

On these pages we will show you what Siouxland Trails Foundation has managed to accomplish since we were founded. The accomplishments range from a very simple sign that directs users to where the trail continues to something more complicated, such as, giving the Sioux City money to purchase a trail sweeper attachment for regular sweeping of the trails in Sioux City.

The needed trail improvements can be read and seen on the Trail Survey 2004 and 2005 pages. The survey will be updated every year. We encourage you to let us know if we overlook something that needs improved on the trail system.

Thirst relief comes to Adams Nature Preserve Sioux City trails can be cleaned regularly

Trail continues sign Go that way!

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